Monday, February 23, 2009

long time no chat

I know it's been quite some time since I wrote a post! I tend to get so far behind that I don't know where to begin. Well...since we have been schooling regularly since early January, I will share a story that Bella wrote. Moms, this is her second draft - just to be clear :)

I once was in a hurricane! That was when I was little (about three or four). We lived in Florida at the time and we had nowhere to hide in our house. So about two weeks before the storm we went to a condo. It had a big closet in the bathroom. Alot of people could fit in it. My baby brother wasn't born yet but my other brother was (he's my little brother). My family came, my grandparents came, and two of my cousins who were older. When the storm hit, we all went in the closet, and all we could do was play cards and eat bread and drink apple juice! Our house got pretty damaged! All the water fell in, the ceiling fell in, and the garage door door got blown in! We were in teh condo for almost two months!

we'll deal with her 'expressive' writing style later. I love getting the chance to see how the kids' memory works - for example, we went to the condo the morning that the hurricane was blowing in, her baby brother was actually about three months old, and i think we were there nearly till Christmas! I remember just wishing to be back in our house for the holidays. And thankfully she doesn't remember things that were really hard for mom and dad; her chemo shipment being held up in the Fedex warehouse, or the fact that she and mommy wound up with lice (EEEEWWWW!!!!) while we were staying in that condo. First and only time, praise Jesus.