Friday, June 20, 2008

trying new things...

I figured Izaiah deserved his own blog post as well. This week, we ate this week with the Steers at Bluefin. For some time, Izaiah has bravely tried Sushi with us, and now has decided its one of his faves. He chomped down a couple of tuna sashimi, shrimp nigiri, and two or three pieces of California roll. I really wish I had pictures to prove this.

Tonight, we tried a new place - Casablanca. I had been in a funk all day, and there is one cure for that in my world: Mediterranean food. For those of you that don't know, I am half Lebanese. My 'real' surname is Ibrahim - it was changed to Abraham at Ellis Island. So, we gave this place a shot. The Baba Ghanoush was excellent, and the lamb was fresh and tender. Izaiah, the foodie he is, bravely ate ALL of his Falafel pita (after I kept calling them hush puppies). We even had an interesting time talking to the owner about how maybe some day all three world religions will get along in the middle east. Somewhere in there he referenced Cat Stevens. He is from Jerusalem.

We are proud of you, Izaiah! We appreciate your willingness to try new things.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Watch out, Tiger!

Mark got the kids golf clubs this week...and this was Sam's first time on the course. Nice shot!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, I did promise to update regularly, didn't I??? So sorry...its just been another crazy run of it. And now, I have to use this forum to get 'on the couch'.

A recent turn of events in our work life has really taken a toll on me today. I just am thinking through what exactly makes the life of a family, and how to know what God's best is for my life. It seems to me that even when we say we have certain goals for our lives, what really makes us is what consumes us. is what consumes me:
1.) Habitat for Hope.
2.) Homeschooling my kids.
3.) My husband.
4.) Caring for and enjoying my kids. '

And so, you say...thats not a bad list! But when I look that list, one thing comes to mind: its all out of order.

It is so easy in the life of our ministry to allow it consume all of our time. We live HFH, breathe HFH, and it is the focus of much of our energy and time. I might mention that you dont see 'God' in the list, but of course its understood that He is present in each thing that I do throughout the day. Except: my life with HFH, my life as a homeschool mom; none of those things are capable of replacing a healthy relationship with my savior. I have been working on reading through the bible in a year and prayer-journaling more, but I confess its become a bit rote as we enter summer.

And of course, my husband should be at the TOP of that list. I again confess that the needs of this house and the ministry, as well as the kids, are capable of usurping Mark's rightful place at the forefront of my life.

Would you pray for me as I figure out how to reorder the priorities God has for my life, and the life of our family? I so want to be steadfast in His peace and love, and I know that comes only through prayer and obedience.

Blessings to you,