Saturday, March 22, 2008


Most of you know that I was a late-in-life baby for my parents; my sister and brother are 16 and 17 years my senior. This means that my brothers' eldest two girls are just a few years younger than me. And now...I have become a Great Aunt at 30!!!

Congratulations Kristy and Poncho...

Crimson Olivia Llamas; born on March 19, 2008

Granddaddy Thom Abraham (my brother)

Kristin, Alfonso and Crimson Llamas



Well, I never promised to update every day, now did I?

Early in Holy Week, Mark and I decided to fast from internet and TV on Good Friday and attempt to reclaim a Sabbath for ourselves and the kids. We had a joyous morning and afternoon - enjoyed breakfast together, read the paper (had to get our dose of Memphis drama!) and took the kids on a trail ride. It was a lovely day, and served to remind us of the command to rest.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Redneck Snowmobiles

After our first tryst in the snow, daddy came home and joined us. The snow was still falling (and blowing!), so we dressed the kids in every piece of warm clothing we own, packed them onto the four-wheelers, and took them to Mrs. Nancy and Mr. Dick's hill to sled. The experience of driving a four-wheeler in blowing snow through a slick corn field is one to be remembered! Our tobaggans of choice were 3 cardboard boxes, the plastic bottom of our dog crate, and the bottom of some sort of rubbermaid storage box. The rubbermaid broke rather quickly, and the cardboard got wet, but the bottom of the dog crate was really fast after the first couple of runs. My favorite run was when Mark and I rode down together, and narrowly missed Samuel standing in the middle of the path, only to take Izaiah out instead. We all ended up in a big pile at the bottom of the hill.

When we were at Vineyard in Fort Myers, our dear friend Wayne prayed for us to have 'belly laughs' together as we enjoy the fellowship of our family. After we got home, Mark remembered Wayne's prayer and thanked God for granting it.


Snow Day!!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

The past 15 years

Starting a new blog is always an interesting task...most of you have followed our family through our daughter Bella's website or through the Habitat for Hope blog. So in the spirit of newness, I will go for the old...

Mark and I became friends at 15 and began dating at 16. We were engaged at 19, married at 20 and Bella was born when I was 22. Izaiah came when we were 24, and Sam at 26. Now we have arrived at 30, and last week I had a laproscopic surgery after which I was diagnosed with a condition that will challenge my fertility. Having already decided that 3 babies was plenty, Mark and I are undeterred by this new information, but it does cause one to think over the years past. During my recovery I discovered a small chain of folded paper that was given to me at my bridal shower. The premise was that each woman in attendance would write a small piece of advice on the paper, and then they would be made into the chain to be opened at a later date. I thought it would be fun to record these nuggets of advice here.

always have respect for each other
Don't let the sun go down on youranger, kiss and make up
Always work things out together. If you can't agree, compromise.
Never go to sleep mad at each other
Don't forget to have fun
Do not let the sun go down on your wrath. If you have a disagreement say you are sorry before you go to sleep.
Set aside time every day to talk about everything, no matter how big or small! Communicate, communicate, communicate!
Always be open with each other. Open communication is very important.
Keep Jesus in the center of every decision!
Always work together
Always be ready to compromise
Keep your breath fresh!
Love is a commandment therefore it is an act of the will not a product of our emotions. There will be many times when you will not feel like responding to him in love. It is then, that your choice to do as Jesus would do - will be graced will the power to do the improbable. (we love you mama bear! thank you for gifting us with your wisdom!)
You can have a happy life together if you keep up your sense of humor
Be sure Mark knows how to do all household duties like dishes, laundry and all house duties. Share everything.
God 1st Husband 2nd Children 3rd Keep Jesus in the midst of all you do
Never go to bed mad. Always kiss each other goodnight.
Communication is a key to happiness
Keep the lines of communication open. Dont imagine what your spouse is thinking. Talk things over.
Never forget about the ones who care
Look at things with an open mind
Always kiss before you go to sleep at night
Take things one day at a time
Find humor in everything
Keep your smile and remember how happy you are now.
Always count to 10 before responding to anger