Thursday, May 14, 2009

They should charge for this

So I thought I would post a little update about my return to health. You know, we have friends (you know who you are) that HATE New Year's Resolutions. But, if you are like me, when you happen upon the resolutions you wrote in January and realize that you have done NOTHING about it, it kick starts your motivation.

I am a bit over two weeks into the new eating plan, and by the weekend I will have been working out again for two weeks.

I can tell you I feel SO MUCH BETTER, consistently! And I do think the abs, waist and arms are already showing the results. I don't feel that I am eating much, but the smaller portions are protein-packed, so I haven't yet been hungry.

A word about getting in shape - I am enjoying the YMCA membership, but after a couple weeks of doing a few different workouts, I can safely say the 'Becky' workout is top-notch. And I love that I can do it at home, preferably while watching styleTV or something equally ridiculous.

It is as follows, and I have put my personal (ok'ed by Becky) adjustments in parentheses.

5 sets of:

10 pull ups (lat pull downs)
20 push ups (I do some regular and some girl)
30 crunches
40 squats without weights
50 jump rope (I do this without the rope)

2 minute rest in between, or till recovery. Take 20-30 seconds between the moves if you need it.

This thing will have you sore at first, but feeling very strong and sensing your whole body engaging pretty quickly. It also gets the heart rate up, while working core areas. I spent 45 minutes today in a fairly tough muscle class, and although the moves were hard, my heart rate never really went up and it took - 45 minutes. The Becky workout can be done safely in 30 minutes.

Hoping I can keep it up!


Jan May 14, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

becky knows what she's talking about! good for yoU!

Adam and Annie May 15, 2009 at 2:22 AM  

That's awesome! For me, staying consistent with working out is my challenge, so good luck. So glad you're feeling positive results!

Tonya May 19, 2009 at 7:55 PM  

Where to start??? WHERE TO START?????

HMMMMMMM... First, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog look! Who did this??? Did you guys do it???? It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, your new eating schedule.. what kinds of foods are you eating?? I've JUST started Weight Watchers for the BAJILLIONTH time but have been HEAVILY considering a plan similar to what you're doing. (My Sis-in-law SWEARS by it)

I know there was something else, but my mind COMPLETELY turns to MUD this time of night... I'll let you answer those questions and I'll be back to ask more. HA!!


Oh, I think I was going to tell you that I'll DEFINITELY come up the next time Susan is there. (IF you're up to it) If nothing else, the boys & I can get a room downtown and we can all meet and hang out during that time. Of course she won't be back up there for 6 months or so.. hopefully we'll be back up before then.

Okay.. I think that WAS everything now. THANKS for motivating me to really get after a better way of eating. I'm TIRED of being TIRED! ☺

Tonya May 23, 2009 at 9:50 AM  

Hey Chick!

Yes, the boys ride is A HOOT! I SERIOUSLY doubled over laughing the first time I saw it.. (I affectionately call it the love shack.. ROFL!!)

As for healthier eating.. I've GOT to do something. My weight has been steadily increasing. (It's really sad) I don't know what I'm more tired of.. being overweight, or being TIRED! UGH.. never-ending cycle for me. ☺