Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where in the world...

So what have I NOT been doing?? Sewing, crafting, riding my horses, blogging. What have I been up to? Working for HFH, keeping up with my excercise (although not as intensely as I'd like) and trying to finish out the last tidbits of school with my kiddos.

Historically, summer has always been our busiest season at HFH. When I realized we were once again entering the hectic cycle, I figured I had two choices - buck up and deal with it (and help) or say 'no' and grab that time for myself, my hobbies, etc. Thankfully with God's grace I have found some additional time to devote to HFH this summer. The reward has been meeting some precious new moms and helping my husband in the work that he is so devoted to - he amazes me with his dedication! Even when he's having to do things that I know aren't his favorite, he presses on and honors God with his discipline.

Tomorrow, we leave to go spend some time in NY with my mother-in-law and the rest of Mark's family. We will take your prayers - we will arrive thursday at the cottage, and this is the first overnight this year that anyone will have spent there since Gary passed away. We are looking forward to helping Margaret get settled in to what we know is the new "normal" - one that none of us want to deal with but with God's grace we will see it through.

At the end of our time in New England we will make a quick trip to Boston to see our precious and long-time friends Annie and Adam, to visit Eli VanZanten and his family, and to spend a bit of time at L'abri Fellowship in Southborough, MA. L'abri. AHHHH. Enough said. Some of you may know that we have modeled some of what we do here at HFH after the L'abri model. Mark will need to drag me home (I love Memphis, really I do!!). We would appreciate your prayers for our summer trip and I will try to post some pictures while we are away.