Sunday, May 31, 2009

Babies, Babies, Everywhere!!

At 31 years old, Mark and I feel our baby-making days are (more or less) over, and now most of our 30-year-old friends are finally getting on the bandwagon. Soon, I will have lots of babies around to hold! And friends' babies mean lots of fun sewing!

My friend Jan and I share a love of birds. She didn't want a "theme-y" nursery, but has a few cute birdy things here and there. When I found this Joel Dewberry Aviary fabric, I knew it was for Jan.
I think I will name the pattern "Charlotte" in honor of Jan's little one, unless she changes the name. Its backed in flannel backed satin, because every baby needs a silky! I used "warm n white" all natural batting, because its real cotton and I love the feel of it.
I put together this little set for my friend Becky to give to her friend Christal. Christal and Becky have been BFF's since 5th grade, and Christal is naming her third child after Becky! Rebekah Pate Barnes will join the world Monday - precious baby. This is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line, with which I am completely enamored. The bib is backed in soft striped chenille, which just makes me happy.

And take note of the pretty pink flower I grabbed from the front garden for these pics. Mo Ottinger has been relentlessly mocking (all in good fun) the massive hollyhock that is growing in front of the house (it has crested 6 feet, and yes, its a bit out of place) but now that I am getting these sweet flowers from it, I really don't mind!

And we have purchased the domain to put up a simple site for my projects. I have tags heading to me in the mail. I will let you know when the site is active!